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Sensual Aromatherapy Candle


Perfect for a cosy, intimate evening at home. The aromas are a blendof the intense sweet woody aroma of Sandalwood with the natural relaxing properties of Cinnamon, the aphrodisiac qualities of Ylang Ylang and the honeyed energy of Vetiver delivering what I hope you will aree is a truly sensual experience.


Dragon's Desire

  • Wax Type: Soya, 100% Natural

    Fragrance Type: 100% Essential Oils

    Colour: Light Red. As these candles are hand poured in small batches colours may vary in tone.

    Burn Times:

    • 30CL Glass: 40+ hours

    Approximate weight in grams:

    • 30CL Glass:  600g

    Approximate Dimensions (mm's):

    • 30CL Glass:  90mm (H) x 80mm (W)
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