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If you have ever reached a point in your life where you have wondered what you are doing, if it has felt like you are on a treadmill or you simply have reached a point where you need a change then you may have some appreciation of how Red Kite Candles came into existence.


The idea was sown whilst on holiday in Ireland, a rainy day, looking for something to do. There were two options; a chocolate factory or the local candle maker. I have a soft spot for both but it was the candle maker that made the greatest impression. We were directed by the owner of our bed and breakfast accommodation to follow the home made signs, and "keep going to the end of the track", so we did (keep going that is). Initial impressions were mixed, being presented with what looked like a rundown farmhouse and out buildings so not too hopeful of finding nice candles. But always believing in giving something a chance we went in for a look.  It was simple - less than half a dozen fragrances and no more than three pillar sizes for each, but they were good, really good. Presented simply on wooden racks. There were no big blousy fragrances or gimmicky modern ones, no tins, no glass containers so favoured by the massed produced markets, simple pillar candles that "fit" the location - there were rose/lavender/geranium subtly blended with lesser known essential oils. They smelt and looked great!

The canldemaker himself knew his stuff, he had been in the business for more than twenty years, done his time at Christmas markets and sold his wares around the world. We talked, we laughed and I started to think...

My personal philosophy is that if I want to sell something it has to be of a quality that I would want to buy myself - and I am picky. That means that I look for the best ingredients and materials to make my candles. Wherever possible I prefer to use essential oils and soya wax as they tend to burn the cleanest, but that doesn't mean I ignore other more traditional waxes as much of the art and tradition of candle making has been developed using beeswax, petroleum and palm wax and some "finishes" can only be achieved by using them but I will always be clear on what I have used when selling. All candles can burn cleanly if looked after properly - please see the section on candle care and safety.

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