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The Kite has landed

It was two weeks ago today that we officially launched “Red Kite Candles”. I’m pleased to be able to report that things are going better than we had hoped – with lots of positive feedback from those that have purchased our candles. Since Monday 15th October we have had our first sales online and also attended our first craft fair in Hirwaun which we felt was a great success. Other notable developments have been:

· Signing up for more craft events (see our events page)

· Being approached about stocking our candles in a number of retail outlets (shops J)

· Having our details added to local websites and

· Negotiating the possibility of having a craft stall in the “Capitol” Shopping centre, Cardiff for part of the Christmas period.

· Adding a range of unscented candles to our products range

Andrew at the Hirwaun autumn craft fair

So lots happening and as a thank you to everyone for their support we are aiming to post our first competition on our Website, Facebook and Twitter in early November so for details of how to enter and more importantly what the prize will be.,,, please watch out for the announcement…. (don’t worry it won’t be a night out with me!).

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