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Our aromtaherapy pillar candles come in five fragrances and two size (large and medium):


  1. Dragons Desire: SENSUAL. Blends the intense woody aroma of Amyris (Sandlewood) with the natural relaxing properties of Cinnamon, the aphrodisiac qualities of Ylang Ylang , and the honeyed energy of vetiver delivering a truly sensual experience.
  2. Dragaons Dreams: SOOTHING. Blends the calming qualities of Lavender with the spicy fruitiness of Bergamot and subtler notes of Geranium and Ylang Ylang to uplift the mood and promote emotional feelings of wellness.
  3. Dragons Breath: RELAXING. Blends the beautifully musky exotic fragnrance of Patchouli, lifting the spirits with the relaxing aphrodisiac properties of Cinnamon and the zestiness of Sweet Orange. Perfect to curl up and relax to.
  4. Dragons Sky: INVIGORATING. Blends the fresh minty aroma of Spearmint with the cool freshness of Peppermint and the delicate floral undertones of Palmarosa.
  5. Dragons Gold: COMFORTING. Blends the intense woody aroma of Amyris (Sandlewood) to calm your mind and relax your muscles with the soothing qualities of lavender, the enchantment of cedarwood with subtle undernotes of clove and energising Ylang Ylang for balance.

Aromatherapy Pillar Candles

£16.00 Regular Price
£12.00Sale Price
  • Large: 11cm (H), 7cm (W) 450g

    Medium: 10cm (H), 6cm (W) 365g


    Soya Wax

    Cotton Wicks

    Essential Oils

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